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If you are a cheesecake lover - YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS CHEESECAKE!
Brett & Wanda Railey

If you have ever ordered one of those "low carb cheesecakes" over the Internet, paid the BIG BUCKS, had them delivered to your door only to taste them, be GREATLY disappointed and thrown the cake away - DO I HAVE GOOD NEWS FOR YOU! The Low Carb Dieter's Page has teamed up with Heavenly Cheesecakes to arrange second day delivery of THE BEST CHEESECAKE I HAVE EVER PUT IN MY MOUTH, LOW CARB OR OTHERWISE! Those of you who have known me for a while know that I only put items on my site that I have personally tasted and that have passed MY taste test. I have tried many cheesecakes (yes, I even ordered the Atkins cake for $25 and threw it away!) and these cheesecakes from Heavenly Cheesecakes passed my taste test with flying colors! I don't go out on a limb too often but I have no reservations on STRONGLY recommending these cheesecakes to my low carb friends!

The cheesecakes are 28 OUNCE cakes (not 24 oz. like others) and are the creamiest, best tasting cakes on the market! Through special arrangement with the owner of Heavenly Cheesecakes, I am proud to offer a variety of five flavors - FRENCH VANILLA (REGULAR), DECADENT CHOCOLATE, MARBLE, PEANUT BUTTER AND PEANUT BUTTER SWIRL. Each 6 inch cheesecake provides 8 servings with only 2g of carb for the French Vanilla, Decadent Chocolate and Marble. 3 grams for the other cakes per serving!

The cheesecakes are made only from the finest, freshest ingredients allowing for a 7 day refrigerated shelf life. We offer the cakes in a twin pack to lower the per cake shipping costs (saving you money) since we can send 2 cakes for the same price as shipping one. As packaging development continues, we will also offer a 4 pack and single cake shipment.

If this is not THE ABSOLUTE BEST low carb/sugar free cheesecake you have ever tasted, I want to know where a better one can be bought!