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  Cake Designs by Monica Harris, Pastry Chef
Cake Designer - Kristen Halaburda

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Heavenly Cheesecakes & Chocolates has been recognized as one of the top bakers in the nation by WEDDINGS InStyle magazine. Click image for details. The Knot magazine has chosen Heavenly Cheesecakes as one of the top bakers in Central Florida. Click image for details.

Love is in the air and so is the delightful aroma of sweet and luscious wedding day confections baked especially for a couple in love and the guests who will share in their celebration.

When selecting the professionals who will help make your wedding day a complete success, choosing your wedding cake designer or baker should be high on your list of priorities.

Did you know that when your guests enter the reception area, the very first thing they look for is the wedding cake? It is a work of art created especially for the bridal couple on their special day. It will be admired, photographed and finally tasted, bringing delight in many forms to all present - providing you've done your homework!

If you are in the area, come in and see our many cake designs. We specialize in Cheesecake Wedding Cakes iced with Whipped Cream Icing. But if you prefer, we can custom design your dream cake. We have many other cake varieties to choose from. All of our cakes are moist and creamy and we offer a variety of fruit and mousse fillers that will help you customize the perfect cake for the perfect occasion.

We have white, carrot cake, banana cream and chocolate cake!
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         "Award Winning in 2003!"
       Photo by www.MichaelsPhotography.cc


       Click images below to see a larger version!

Cake 701

Cake 702 Cake 703 Cake 704

Cake 705

Cake 706 Cake 707 Cake 708
Cake 709 Cake 710 Cake 711 Cake 712
Cake 713 Cake 714 Cake 715 Cake 716
Cake 717 Cake 718 Cake 719 Cake 720
Cake 721 Cake 722 Cake 723 Cake 724
Cake 725 Cake 726 Cake 727 Cake 728
Cake 729 Cake 730 Cake 731 Cake 731A
Cake 732 Cake 733 Cake 734 Cake 735
Cake 736 Cake 737 Cake 738 Cake 739
Cake 740 Cake 741 Cake 742 Cake 743
Cake 744 Cake 745 Cake 746 Cake 747
Cake 748 Cake 749 Cake 750 Cake 751
Cake 752 Cake 753 Cake 754 Cake 755
Cake 756 Cake 757 Cake 758 Cake 759
Cake 760 Cake 761 Cake 762 Cake 763
Cake 764 Cake 765 Cake 766 Cake 767
Cake 768 Cake 769 Cake 770 Cake 771
Cake 772 Cake 773 Cake 774 Cake 775
Cake 776 Cake 777 Cake 778 Cake 779
Cake 780 Cake 781 Cake 782 Cake 783
Cake 784 Cake 785 Cake 786 Cake 787

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